Hey Freshers!!

A huge welcome to Glasgow and to the university from everyone at the Student Network!

We hope you’ve settled into halls and have managed to navigate the quadrangle to pick up your Freshers’ packs and shiny new student cards!! Oooh exciting times!!

Just a quick blog this week – because I know you’re all busy having a blast!

After all the fun from this week, and all the information you have to remember after your inductions to your courses, you may still have questions unanswered – that’s where the Student Network comes in!! Please feel free to email us at or post on the Facebook wall. If you have any more pressing questions – you can find us on a stall in the Bute Hall at the Freshers’ Fair on Tuesday and Wednesday 11th and 12th of September – where it’ll be manned by some of our really friendly e-mentors! So even if you’re popping past – please come and say hi! It’s good to hear some feedback and finally get a chance to meet the people we’re emailing 🙂

It might also be worth checking out GUST’s Freshers’ Guide – a fun and helpful programme to guide you around the campus from the comfort of indoors – especially since the weather is to be wet for the rest of this week (in Glasgow – what a surprise!?) :

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your Freshers’ Week – it may be expensive and you might not sleep for 5 days straight – but it will undoubtedly be the best week of your life! You’ll meet some fantastic people and have the opportunity to try loads of fun stuff! That’s why all the non-freshers sign up to be Freshers’ Helpers after all!!

Thanks for reading, and check back soon for more updates!


Jena Hunter
UG Student – Film & TV Studies/Scottish Literature

Why choose Glasgow?- 10 Fun Facts

As some of the prospective Glasgow university students received their exam results recently (be it Highers, Advanced Highers, A Levels or equivalent), some people may still be trying to make their minds up about coming to Glasgow.  Here are a few fun facts to try and persuade you to come to our fabulous university in this wonderful city!

  1. We have TWO unions – that’s right, not one but two!!
  2. The old building looks like Hogwarts (who doesn’t want to go to a magical uni?!)
  3. We have a wide range of course choices
  4. The library has thirteen floors: that’s a lot of books to read!
  5. Glasgow has been voted one of the friendliest cities J
  6. The university campus is beautiful – no matter what time of year it is!
  7. Glasgow has a huge population of students
  8. There are loads of brilliant little cafes in the west end for socialising in between lectures, finding a quiet spot to sit and read or do coursework.
  9. The Glasgow subway is easier to negotiate than the London underground!
  10. We want to say ‘hello’ to you!

Hopefully we’ll see you in September for our fantastic Freshers’ line up then?

Check back soon for our Freshers’ blog!



Jena Hunter
UG Student – Film & TV Studies/Scottish Literature


“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” Jim Rohn, Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker

            I am currently at that stage of my University education where I am starting to think “What next?” I have always wanted to do something different, something on my own and I know a lot of people at the University who think the same way. But sometimes you just don’t know where to start and that is where I think the Student Enterprise at the University of Glasgow can be a big help. The Student Enterprise helps you develop new entrepreneurial skills through hands-on learning, competitions and fantastic social events in association with the Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE). And from what I have heard, our University is preparing to invest massively in Student Enterprise from next year, which means that effectively it will be better than ever in the coming academic year. What I am going to do now is to briefly narrate my experience at the SIE Bootcamp 2012 held at Stirling last month.

For those of you who don’t know much about the Scottish Institute for Enterprise- SIE helps students to unlock their potential by engaging with enterprise and entrepreneurship. I know those are big words but I can assure you the three days I spent at the Bootcamp were among my best days in Scotland yet. We had fun, shared ideas and got inspired by some truly amazing speakers.

The camp lasted for three days and was divided into two sessions. I was part of the first session from 27th June to 29th June. I reached Stirling on 27th June and soon enough I met some other ‘Bootcampers’. We were then transported from the railway Station to our place of accommodation on a coach. And by the way- all accommodation, travel, food and everything cost you almost nothing and they even reimburse your travel expenses. Isn’t that wonderful? And the place where we stayed was absolutely incredible- Natural beauty at its best. It was in the middle of a serene, calm environment- perfect place to awaken the sleeping entrepreneur in you.

And from that moment onwards, I enjoyed each and every moment I spent at Bootcamp 2012. There I met some of the brightest Scottish minds; we shared ideas, had fun and enjoyed each other’s company. During the day, we had sessions, which were really interesting and engaging. A lot of stress was laid on interaction, which meant that the whole experience was enjoyable. And how could I ever forget some of the inspiring speakers who came in. It was such a life-reviving experience. And then in the evenings we had lots of fun. And that is whole point- Going to Bootcamp did not only help me develop my enterprising skills but it also helped me gain some good new friends and do some networking and of course I had lots of fun.

          I believe these are sort of memories you will always cherish and when you are at the University do try and involve yourself with some clubs or societies. University of Glasgow has loads of them. In fact, our University has two Unions- The GUU and The QMU. Quite unique hah? So if you are a student looking forward to joining the GU community soon, then next time you enter the University you know that Glasgow is not only known for its academics but also for its vibrant clubs and societies. Check out this page for more details: And if you are a fitness freak or just someone looking to get into shape, the Sports facility at the StevensonBuilding is your place. The University has excellent sport and recreation facilities.

Also the University is located at the West End, one of the most happening parts of Glasgow, which means that you have plenty of quality options to spend some evenings with friends. The city centre and all other facilities are at walking distance from the campus, which means you never have to travel too much to grab something you want. All in all, being a student at the University of Glasgow can be a pleasant experience- and a life changing one too. I am sure you will have a great time here. And don’t forget to watch the ‘Say Hello to Glasgow’ video. Find it here: So until next post, it is a goodbye from me… Enjoy folks.


Navas Ebin Muhammed
PG Student – MSc Media Management

Posted 18/07/2012

Hi there!

My name is Jena and this is my first blog with the Student Network (and first ever blog in general).

Firstly, a bit about me: I’m an undergraduate and have just finished my third year studying Film and Television and Scottish Literature (Joint Honours).  That means that I’m heading into my Senior Honours year now – scary stuff!!   Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

We’re on our summer holidays at the moment, but the west end is still alive with activity! We’ve recently had the West End Festival and the Glasgow Science Festival to explore.  Unfortunately, I missed most of the events for these, but did see the Glasgow Science Festival while on a trip to the Kelvingrove Art Galleries where they were making bee logs which really created a buzz (pardon the pun)!

The Olympic Torch also came through University Avenue which was exciting! Glasgow University’s  television station, GUST (Glasgow University Student Television), covered it – check it out:

I’m hoping to blog about the goings-on in and around the university and maybe some checklists of what’s needed to survive being a student.  If there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear about please let us know, either via the Facebook, Twitter or email;

Thanks for reading!!

I’ll blog again soon!



Jena Hunter
UG Student – Film & TV Studies/Scottish Literature

Posted 09/07/2012

No matter how one may think himself accomplished, when he sets out to learn a new language, science, or the bicycle, he has entered a new realm as truly as if he were a child newly born into the world.  ~Frances Willard, How I Learned to Ride the Bicycle

Hello everyone. As the title indicates, this blog is about my journey – A journey through my thoughts, my experiences and other aspects of my life as a PG student at theUniversityofGlasgow. My journey began last September and it is about to finish soon. Quite a small length of time to be honest but I can assure you I enjoyed each and every second of it. In this first edition of my blog, I would briefly go through how my journey began.

It was the 22nd of September, 2011 when I first landed inGlasgow. After quite a long journey from my home town back inIndia, I was evidently very exhausted by the time the flight landed. It was a fine day devoid of any rain. The temperature was around 13 degrees but the atmosphere was very pleasant. The security check and immigration took around an hour and soon I was outside the airport.

I was actually arriving late because my visa processing took time. I was supposed to arrive by the 11th, so that I could attend the Induction ceremony but unfortunately I missed it all. Arriving late also meant that I did not have anyone from the University welcoming me at the airport. To be honest I had no complaints about it as I have always been an explorer and I would rather prefer getting to know about the city by myself rather than someone guiding me through everything because it is not every day that you land in a new country and try and find your way to destination. For those of you who are planning to come in and are worried about arriving late and are not that adventure-minded, you can always contact the University and they will arrange for someone to pick you up at the airport.
I was disappointed about having missed the induction week. That is the best time for you to make some new friends and to get to know about your University but I always knew I could make up. I then decided to take a cab rather than the bus because I had quite a bit of luggage. Hiring a taxi means that you will end up spending more but you will always have enough space to keep your luggage and get down right in front of your accommodation. As for me, I was heading to ‘359 Sauchiehall Street’- the student apartment which was assigned to me.

On my journey to my new accommodation, I caught my first glimpses ofGlasgow. And instantly I fell in love with it. That is something I always tell anyone who asks me about my stay here- There is something aboutGlasgowand for that matterScotlandon a whole that attracts you. I can’t explain what that is but I am pretty sure you will feel it yourself when you arrive here. It is not one of those usual cities you visit. It is different. And that’s why I am enjoying my stay here.

And then I reached my new accommodation- Right in the heart ofGlasgow’s most happening district G2. It is such a nice and cosy place. Old buildings, streets full of people all the time, clubs, pubs, shops and everything you want just around you. And as I already told you- I have fallen in love with this place, big time. And from that moment on my journey with the Uni began. It has been an enjoyable one- with lots of fun, inspiration and those occasional deadlock moments. I met some wonderful people during my journey and I also had some wonderful experiences- the most recent being that at the Scottish Institute ofEnterprise’s ‘Bootcamp 2012’, held at the picturesqueStirlingcampus. I will talk about it in the next blog.

In fact there are loads of things for me to say and frankly very little space to accommodate all that. And that is I why believe that studying at the University of Glasgow was one of the best things I did in my life because I have learned so much and I have met so many wonderful people and I have had so many experiences. Every day you come across something new and everyday you learn something new- not strictly textbook stuff but something different. And as I said I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey until now and I am looking forward to what is in store for me in the coming few months. Hope I can share some of them with you. I think that is a bit too much for one blog but as I said I have lot to say. So now I am signing off and hope to catch you all pretty soon with something rather more interesting next time.



Navas Ebin Muhammed
PG Student – MSc Media Management


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