Holiday Time!

Get in.

I would just leave it there but I’m not sure if two words is sufficienct for a month. Maybe three:

Get in. Haha.

Too much? =] Besides, I’m actually lying as the holidays don’t start until next week and, when I say holiday, I mean revision-fest…..(in a somewhat pathetic tone) wooooooo…..

Nah, as always, it’s not that bad. I get to go home where there is FREE FOOD!! YEAH!! Oh, and also my family of course =]. Haha. Seriously though, it is good to get home and catch up with the old crowd and others. Good times. But this blog isn’t about the future!! On to what happened this month!

I’m gonna level with you here, I don’t actually have that much to talk about as it’s been a pretty intense month. There’s not even been *that* much work (if anything, I’m finding that 3rd year is the easiest to manage so far…) I just don’t seem to have much free time…. But enough moping because I have some properly exciting news: I took blood from…..wait for it……..A REAL PERSON! How awesome is that!? Fair enough, it was another student at my GPs but even so, in the words of my flatmate it’s “pretty frickin’ sweet.” It’s also surprisingly difficult to take a sample. You’d think the hard part was getting the needle in but, for me, it was getting the sample tube onto the outlet thing. You have to keep the needle bit stationary while you fidgit about and twist things on and all sorts: what a nightmare!

Another exciting thing I’ve done this month is watch this video (don’t worry, it’s nothing rude or offensive; just….interesting……):

If you ever get the chance to watch it, I thoroughly recommend it.

Within the med-school, we’ve all switched hospitals and I’ve started at Gartnavel which is pretty awesome. The teaching is good when we get it and it’s walkable from home (YEY!). Highlight so far: seeing a bronchoscopy.

We’re also onto our latest block: psychiatric medicine. Of everything I’ve done in med-school so far I’ve found it the hardest to engage with because it seems like many of the conditions we’ve been studying can be summed up like this: “We don’t know what causes it, what’s happening in the brain when it’s there or really how to treat it effectively BUT we *think* this could be going on so maybe that will help treat it for a while.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love the massive empahsis placed on patient-orientated care and do find some of it interesting; I just find it hard to motivate myself to learn about things where science’s best-guess at what’s going on is a self-confessed fraud.

On a happier note, our new SSC options are up. I’m hoping to get to do Clinical Haemtology and Oncology though we’ll see what happens as there are only like 10 places available so I may end up doing something else. Either way, I’ll be happy as this SSC is straight after the exam when I’ll just be relieved the revision is over haha.

Outside the world of medicine I’m performing at a dinner this Saturday. It sounds a lot more impressive than it actually is as I’m reciting poetry at it. Fair enough, it is a poem in Lowland Scots so that’s quite interesting. The cookery course I’ve been doing with my friend ends in two weeks. It’s been pretty sweet and I’ve learnt to make some pretty tasty dishes. Our weekly basketball session has also started up again after a 4 month hiatus when no-one could be bother to wake up at 7am to phone in and book it. Thank to Mark for doing that btw.

Sadly, other than that, I’ve not much to say other than: have a good holiday!!!



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