Happy New Year!

HELLO!!!  Did you have a good Christmas and New Year!? Because I did!

I had a fantastic holiday back at home! As usual, I spent a great deal of time with the family but, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Catching up with long lost acquaintances!? I had a quiet Christmas dining with the family this year. Though I did get some awesome pressies! Highlights included a pair of those glasses with the springy eyes coming out of them!! YEAH. New Year was much the same though my dad’s EX-girlfriend did turn up completely out of the blue. AWKWARD.

But, alas, the festivities had to end eventually and here I am: back at university. It’s not that bad really though the workload did hit me pretty hard again. Quite the shock.

As to medical school information. I’ve literally JUST submitted my Longitudinal Care Project Submission One and by Jove am I glad that’s over! It’s been a real strain maintaing some sembelence of a free time between trying to perfect that, visiting the hospitals, doing PBL, going to lectures and then going to the GP. The LCP evidence-based medicine research was quite daunting but, having delved into it, I have concluded that it all sounds and looks much scarier than it actually is.

On the plus side, as it’s now over I plan on celebrating by buying myself some new headphones. I know it sounds lame, but I’ve had the same pair for like 5 years now. They’ve been mauled by a dog, given me electric shocks, had numerous things spilt on them, lost their ‘grip’ coating a good two years back and have gone from their original white to an off-brown…nice……So anyway, I kept putting of replacing them but I feel now is the time as I was actually quite pleased with how the essays had gone and felt I could do with a wee reward. =]

Other than LCP, the course has continued in much the same vain as last term. Our new block is a bit of a mish-mash of different pathologies from rheumatoid arthritis to HIV, but I’m really enjoying it. In particular, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Leukaemia as I’ve got quite a keen interest in Oncology. In fact, I’m actually considering an intercalated degree in Cancer Studies (ideally) at the end of this year. Fingers crossed I get that.

Outside of medical school, I signed up to Chinese cookery course with a Chinese friend of mine who works in a Chinese take-away…..weird right? But it’s all about the fun for us so he doesn’t care. Anyway, it started last Monday and I’m so glad I went. It was just fantastic fun last week!! I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s session, where we are making the exotic, flambuoyant dish ‘Salmon Yakitori’, with the not quite so exotic side of ‘Sesame Prawn Toast’. Get in.

I’ve also started reading Ben Goldacre’s book “Bad Science”, which is truly insightful. I don’t know if anyone’s familiar with it but if you ever get the chance to read it, it’s pretty frickin sweet.

Right, I need to go to some lectures now so have fun and I shall right next month!



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