Holidays are coming!!!

Yey!!! The holidays are coming / are actually here right now for me! Woop woop!

Since my last post, my teaching has been in much the same vein as before. We have been studying cardiovascular and respiratory pathology in quite some depth this block, and have now covered a whole range of topics from heart murmurs to the pathology underlying lung cancer. It’s been fascinating! I feel that I’ve found it much easier to stay motivated this year because we have so much clinical teaching (~12 hours a week). To be honest, it’s actually much easier because, finally, you can see why what you’re learning is relevant! =] 

During my clinical teaching, quite sadly, I’ve had the best experience of my year so far! It happened when we were doing a ward round and got to hear a heart murmur. Now, on all our ward rounds, we aren’t told anything about the patient and have to take a history then perform the appropriate examination before attempting a diagnosis. In textbooks murmurs are described (quite poorly tbh) as a ‘whooshing’ sound, which always confused me a little. I mean, what the heck is that!? However, when I listen the patient’s chest, I immediately heard this ‘whooshing’ sound (which I would describe as a pig with a cough making a  noise if you’ve ever heard one………) and knew the diagnosis. It was a really surreal moment for me because, though I’m embarrassed to admit it, I felt like a real doctor for the first time!! How lame is that!?

But on to more serious issues now; one of the biggest issues I’m facing this year is organising my junior elective for next summer. I’ve decided to stay in the UK (because I’m skint!) this summer and have decided to try and get some ‘general medicine’ experience in an A and E department. I applied to a few hospitals earlier this week but haven’t heard back from any yet…. Still we’ll see what happens.

Outside of medical school, I’ve joined the Glasgow Reach Programme. Basically, this is an initiative set up by the university that aims to help students from a disadvantaged background get in to medicine, law or veterinary medicine (I think). It’s quite exciting because this is the first year that the programme has run and we get to be the ‘guinea-pig’ ‘mentors’.

Essentially, the initiative has three key aspects to it. The first are known as ‘prospective student days’, and involve potential school students visiting the medical school for a day of workshops aimed at helping them get through the admission process. During these days, they will see a mock interview and, in groups of 5 or 6, be given the chance to talk to current students (like myself) about the admissions process in detail. So, that’s quite exciting.

The second aspect is school visits. With these, current students will visit schools and give a presentation about the benefits of university while explaining the admissions process and giving tips on how to get in to the more competitive subjects. The final aspect is E-mentoring. We haven’t been told much about this aspect but I think it’s basically going to be an expansion on the current student e-mentor scheme where prospective students can e-mail current students to ask anything at all about getting in to university or life at uni in general. 

Our first prospective student day was supposed to be yesterday but due to the poo weather, it got cancelled. Speaking of the weather by the way, my flatmates exams have been cancelled for the past two days owing to it. Awesome huh? I mean, um,  how terrible……*shifty eyes*…….

Moving swiftly on, other than all of the above, my biggest worry has been organising the annual Christmas dinner for my friends. For some reason this year, places were booking out far in advance but, luckily, we have managed to secure a table at the exquisite Stravaigan 2 and we’re pretty excited about that. Yeah!!

Right, seeing as it’s now the holidays, I feel I shall leave it there and wish you all a very merry Christmas and the absolute best of New Years! See y’all in Janurary!



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