Hello again!!!

Good news! We’re half-way through the first term and everything is in full swing. I’ve sat my SSC exam (which went okay), have been to Ayr Hospital (which is amazing) and have spent the day in my allocated GP surgery (which was also pretty sweet). But more importantly than that, I now own a pet rabbit!!!!! Hoorah for Gumtree!! My girlfriend just happened to be online looking at adverts then BAM, on came one offering a free baby rabbit to a good home with cage included!!! 3 hours later and we were the proud owners of Barney the Big Fluffy Bunny. YEAH!

But enough of this, I should probably give you some more details on the hospital/GP since that talking about my time at med-school was the original purpose of this blog. I’ll be honest, travelling to Ayr every Monday and Thursday SUCKS but it is well and truly worth it. The teaching is phenomenal! The fellows (as they’re called) are super-friendly and give you fantastic feedback on your clinical skills. Not only that, but the canteen is well tasty and student-affordable. So basically, it’s win win all round.

My GP is pretty much the same. He’s really nice and loves cheese. What’s not to like!? It’s quite scary there though since this year, we are supposed to ‘run’ the afternoon surgery in the GP practice, which is TERRIFYING! On the bright side, it’s one heck of a steep learning curve and you really have to focus to keep up.

On the whole this year, I’m really enjoying the actual subjects we’re studying. This year is basically pathology so we don’t have to learn any new ‘normal’ stuff, which is the area I used to dislike most since it was quite a lot of anatomy…..=[ Not cool. So far, we’ve looked at Peripheral Vascular Disease, Tuberculosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder and Septic Shock; all of which have been really interesting. Favourite so far….? Tuberculosis.

Another key aspect of this year is our continuous coursework in the form of the Longitudinal Care Project. Essentially, we visit an individual with a chronic disease on numerous occassions throughout the year and produce three 2000 word essays on our experiences. We also visit a second individual and have to write another 2000 word essay on them as well. It sounds pretty intensive but the material we have to cover in the essays is more social than scientific meaning it shouldn’t be too hard, as I find that sort of thing easier. =]

Outside of medical school, I’m not going to lie, I’ve had very little free time to do anything. It sucks. But it’s my friends birthday tonight so we’re all going round there for a bit of a get-together, which I am really looking forward to!!! Yey!!!

I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got to say for this month, but I shall return in that most Christmasy of Months: DECEMBER!!! =]

Peace out.


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